Tax Preparation and Tax Advice For Businesses and Individuals

The United States tax code is a complex and ever-changing system that requires navigation. If you are preparing your yearly personal or business taxes, it is likely you need the help of a tax consultant and accountant. With over 40 years in the tax industry, Morris Levy can offer personal service and careful preparation and advice for your next tax issue.

Personal attention and care is an important aspect of accounting and tax advice because it requires a knowledge of the unique needs of individuals and businesses. Morris E. Levy, CPA offers this type of personal attention. If you require tax or accounting advice or simply need to have your taxes prepared, do not hesitate to call Morris E. Levy, CPA.

Accounting and Consulting For Businesses

Accounting and Consulting For Businesses

Over 40 Years Of Accounting, Consulting And Tax System Experience

Record keeping and accounting services require the aid of a CPA who knows about the unique practices and expenses of your business. Morris E. Levy, CPA offers professional accounting services and regular correspondence so that businesses and individuals can make sure their books are in order. Accurate accounting allows for smooth business operations, proper filing of taxes and minimization of discrepancies.

Allow Morris E. Levy, CPA to assist you with your accounting and provide sound advice about how to balance and manage your books. If you need assistance with business accounting or consulting services on a tax or accounting issue, be sure to call Morris E. Levy, CPA.

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